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Hip Hop TV   24/7

Welcome To HIP·HOP·TV® The Hottest New Hip Hop TV Shows, Movies, and Music Videos. We will provide an Array of Hip Hop news and Information 24 hours, 7 days a week

This brand Network will include TV shows like “Hip Hop Lives Matter®”. This TV Show will be one of the staple of the 24 Hour TV network. The TV show will focus on new Hip Hop Artists, Dancers, Rappers, D.Js  and Actors covering  all of the elements of Hip Hop  

HIP·HOP·TV®. will also feature Hip Hop City® ,in the tradition of Soul Train;  Hip Hop City®   will be a Hip Hop Night Club Dance show that will migrate from City to city, featuring live performances from up and upcoming new artists and featuring The Hip Hop City® Dancers

HIP·HOP·TV®. latest TV show Hip Hop Battleground® will go to battle with the fiercest rap battlers in the nation and hosting the show from Times Square in New York City. Let me battle begin with Hip Hop Battle Ground®

HIP·HOP·TV®. staple will be the exposure of new music videos by the newest Hip Hop Artists. These music videos will be featured in several music video showcases on HIP·HOP·TV®. This will give new Hip Hop artists the best chance to be seen on TV nationwide, and these new artists will no longer have to fight for airtime on BET or MTV

HIP·HOP·TV®. focus will be exposing and discovering new artists in return , these new artists will bring us new fans as well.

These new shows are only a part of what makes up HIP·HOP·TV®  This channel will  keep you updated hourly with  Urban News Network® a news program that will bring you the latest, news, sports and politics from around the world.

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